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How To Get The Coveted Blue Checkmark On Instagram

How do you get the coveted blue checkmark on Instagram?

Many users dream of a blue checkmark on Instagram. Surely it gives a certain prestige. Do you also fall into this category? Then this is the right blog for you! We not only discuss what Instagram’s blue tick means but also give you handy tips on how to get one.

What does the blue checkmark on Instagram mean?

When you see the blue check mark on Instagram by an account it means you are dealing with a verified account. A verified account on Instagram has been verified by Instagram itself, checking that the account is actually who they say they are. You often see this verification icon in accounts with many followers, celebrities or large corporate accounts. For example, Dutch celebrities such as Jeroen van Koningsbrugge, Soy Kroon and juice queen Yvonne Coldeweijer, among others, have blue vibes behind their names on Instagram. But also corporate accounts such as Albert Heijn, The Giro and Rabobank.

Most social media platforms have a strict verification process to help users confirm account identity, with the goal of protecting users from fake profiles trying to scam you. But that’s not all, the accounts themselves also benefit from having an authentication badge. Thus, it provides additional customer support and sets you apart from the crowd.

Note! The blue checkmark on Instagram is always found to the right of the account’s username. Do you see it in the bio, profile picture or somewhere else? If so, the account in question has not been officially verified by Instagram.

The benefits of a blue checkmark on Instagram

Above, we already mentioned some small benefits of an authentication badge on Instagram. But it certainly doesn’t end with these benefits. A blue checkmark on Instagram also means:

  • You build more trust with followers and page visitors
  • You’ll be found faster in search results, with a checkmark you’ll be at the top
  • Companies work with you faster when you have an authentication badge
  • The checkmark is considered something exclusive
  • It’s an easy way to quickly increase your brand awareness

So plenty of reasons to do your best to get your hands on one! But what all do you really need to meet?

When do you get a blue check mark on Instagram?

To get the blue tick on Instagram, your account must meet some specific requirements. Instagram is known for not being easy about this, so make sure you take the terms below seriously.

  • Unique: each person or brand may only have one account verified on Instagram (unless you use language/country specific accounts as you see a lot with brands).
  • Public: you may not have your Instagram account set to private.
  • Authentic: the account must represent a real person, company or brand.
  • Completed: you must have fully completed your profile and made at least 1 post.
  • Notable: you must have high search volume on your name or username.
  • Community: the account must comply with the Terms of Service and Community guidelines.

In addition to these terms, according to studies, there are some other unwritten rules that Instagram looks at before verifying the account:

  • You must achieve a minimum of 250 likes per post
  • You must get at least 5 responses per post
  • The follower count must be above 1000
  • You must have a good follower/follower ratio

As you can see, nowhere does it say that you must necessarily be famous to apply for a blue checkmark. That 1,000 followers will be arranged (with a little effort) in no time. According to the platform, it is possible for anyone to obtain an authentication badge as long as they continue to share unique content and build a fan base.

How do you get a blue checkmark on Instagram?

Anyone with a business account can request a blue checkmark on Instagram. This is different from TikTok, where you cannot apply for anything but are simply chosen. So be sure to take advantage of it while it is still possible.

Follow these steps to request a blue checkmark for Instagram:

  • Open your profile and press the three dots at the top right of your screen
  • Select settings and then click on account
  • Select verification requests
  • Make a copy of your ID card showing your name and date of birth
  • Complete and submit the application form

Once your account is reviewed, you will get a notification from Instagram. Has it been approved? Then you will immediately receive a blue checkmark on Instagram. Was it rejected? Then you may try again after 30 days.

Can you buy the blue checkmark on Instagram?

It is absolutely not possible to buy Instagram’s blue checkmark. As with other social media platforms such as TikTok and Twitter, an authentication badge is not for sale. You have to earn a blue tick on Instagram, and so you can’t just buy off.

Currently there are certain websites operating that say they can take care of this for you. Consider this unreliable. Probably this is a way to hack your account, make money and then host you or (with luck) pay for a blue checkmark on Instagram that is later removed by the platform itself.

In addition, you run the risk that if the platform finds out (by being reported, for example) that you have a purchased blue checkmark, you will be removed from the platform. There goes all your time and effort!

Better invest this money in a good camera or photographer, this will benefit you much more than a blue tick you bought.

Tips blue tick Instagram

We will help you right out of your dream; there is no secret trick you can apply to get verified.

To get the blue tick on Instagram, you need to create unique content, upload consistently and have built a nice community. We’ve listed the best tips for you so you can get started on your content quickly and see a blue checkmark behind your username before you know it.

Be unique and show who you are

Do you have a lot of competition creating the same kind of content as you? Then you have a smaller chance of getting a blue tick. Instagram prefers accounts that deliver unique content and constantly come up with new concepts.

So think outside-the-box for once and try some new concepts within your niche. Possibly, you can look at what they do in other countries to get more inspiration for your account.

Post consistently

Instagram also looks at the consistency of your posts. So make sure you don’t suddenly get nothing from you for months, but post the same number of posts every week. The quantity in which you do this is not important, it is more about the quality and consistency. If you decide to post 4x a week, then you need to be sure you can deliver good content 4x a week. Maybe 2x will work much better for you then.

Don’t forget your stories and Instagram Reels, too! This is an easy way to show that you are working hard to grow your account, and are often forgotten.

Interact on your posts

As we described earlier in this blog, Instagram looks at the average number of comments on your posts, they should be above 5. For this reason, it is important that you encourage users to respond both in your videos and in the description.

You do this by ending photos in the description with a question or strong call-to-action. Is the post about baking? Then you can ask your audience, for example, what their favorite cake is. Not only does this give you more ideas for great content, but it also gets people to respond faster.

Are you posting a video? Then, of course, you don’t have to put the question in the description but can just name it yourself. What also helps is to ask in videos what viewers would like to see next time.

More followers on your account

Although for the blue checkmark on Instagram, you only need 1,000 followers. Can it certainly help to accumulate more followers than these 1,000. One way you do this is by providing quality content, responding to other accounts within your niche and making sure your profile is net.

There are also paid ways you can get more followers, for example, you can hold contests, set up Instagram ads or buy followers to boost your account.

More little things you can do right away

  • Remove links to other competing social media platforms such as TikTok directly from your bio. This may be a reason not to accept verification.
  • Identify fake accounts (of your own) and report/document them.
  • Make sure your profile looks neat in terms of feed and add highlights.

All in all, enough information to get started and make sure you earn that verification badge too. Want to learn more about growing on Instagram? Then check out this blog, where we discuss how to increase your number of followers on the Instagram platform.

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