how to get more followers on instagram

How to get more followers on Instagram

getting more followers on instagram

Many people ask the question, “How to get more followers on Instagram.” On this page, we give you some free tips on how to achieve this. If you follow these tips, you will definitely gain more followers!

Interaction is key

Interaction is the key to success for gaining more followers on Instagram. By being seen, you will also be found, and this can be done as an example by liking other people’s posts frequently. Look for people who are in the same target audience, and like their posts. If you do this regularly, then not only can you expect likes on your own posts back, but these people often start following you back. They usually do this in the hope that you will follow them as well.

interaction key to more followers on instagram


Responding to messages very effective

Show up in the sense of responding.
Respond to posts
that match your target audience, and regularly leave a comment on similar posts. When other followers see that you are active in responding, you are more likely to have them follow you as well because it increases the likelihood that you will respond to their posts as well. Comments on Instagram are even more appreciated than likes after all.

reaction instagram


Improve your findability with hashtags

You can improve your own findability by using good hashtags. Don’t use 15 hashtags with a photo but limit yourself to hashtags that actually matter. Most importantly, they should match what is shown in the photo. If you post about a flower, don’t use the hashtags #home #happy or #lovely that don’t actually say anything about the photo, but #flower #flower #flowers and the like. People who are looking for exactly this will find you a lot faster that way, which in turn can lead to more followers on Instagram. Especially when you have a profile with a real theme.


Choose a good theme

The theme of your profile is more important than you think. The more relevant the page, the more followers you will get on Instagram. After all, you reach, especially if you use good hashtags, more fans, and fans who follow you. So don’t post too many non-photos that have no relevance to your page. In addition to hashtags, you can add relevant text to your post that tells something about the photo or topic. That way you are also of value and the new followers have even more reason to follow you.


Go for quality and not quantity

It’s better to post a good relevant photo once a week, rather than ten that have very little to do with the subject of your profile. People also don’t want to be spammed with your posts because that in turn can lead to a lot of unfollowing, and you definitely don’t want that. Launching a post once in a while will also take you less time and will bring you more success. A win-win situation.


What times best to post a picture

At what times is it best to post a photo on Instagram? This is actually simple. These are the moments where people have time to watch. Early in the morning before they go to school or work, in the afternoon at recess, and in the evening after dinner. All times in between, people are less active on Instagram. These times are aimed primarily at Dutch followers. Once you find the right times and post good posts with the right hashtags, you are sure to gain more followers on Instagram.

what time do instagram posts


Quick and easy way for more Instagram followers

Finally, there is another way to get followers on Instagram and that is by buying them. This can be done in 2 ways. The first way is by simply buying a

batch of followers

so your counter looks interesting. This often leads to new followers.

The second way is by having your

profile to be automated

. With automation, a lot of work is taken out of your hands because a smart system will approach people in your target audience by liking their posts. This will get you in the picture, represent your brand, and receive likes on your posts, and gain more real followers on Instagram. Automation can be as little as 1 month!

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