How to Get More Followers on Instagram.

You opened a personal or business Instagram account some time ago and have already shared some good content, but the number of followers just won’t go up. Do you recognize yourself in this? Then you can make great use of this blog! We share with you several tips to get more followers on Instagram.

Why are followers important on Instagram?

On Instagram, it works very simply; the more followers you have, the more people you can reach with your account. Whether you use your Instagram page as an influencer, or whether it is focused on your business work, more followers are always beneficial.

As an influencer/a personal account with many followers:

  • Come across as more reliable
  • Can you charge more money for posts and/or stories
  • Can you enter into collaborations with larger companies
  • Do you have more influence and are more familiar

For a corporate account with many followers:

  • Do more people see your latest products and/or services
  • Be one step ahead of the competition
  • Get more name recognition

So it is very important to put your extra time into creating good content and gaining more followers. This will benefit you greatly in the long run, as social media is increasingly used as a search engine by customers.

More free followers tips Instagram

There are certainly steps you can take yourself to get more free followers on Instagram. Just keep in mind that none of these tips work as magic tricks. Growing organically on Instagram now takes time, energy and creativity. Don’t you have this? Then scroll on down this blog to the paid options.

Provide a social media strategy

Without a good social media strategy, you are nowhere on Instagram. Using this strategy ensures that you only create content that connects with your target audience, and the account grows consistently. You start this analysis with the a target audience analysis, where you examine who your target audience actually is and what interests they have.

Based on this analysis, create content pillars, which describe the type of content and topics you will post on this account. Three examples of content pillars include; information about the products, helpful tips and engagement posts. The idea is to never deviate from these pillars, and not post the same pillar every time in a row. For example, 5 posts that are about products come across as annoying, but you are also not waiting for only inspirational quotes. So the content pillars actually ensure that you have a good balance of content on your Instagram.

Handy tip from us: Also read this blog where we go in-depth on creating an Instagram marketing strategy!

Getting your profile in order

Is someone clicking through to your account from the explore page? Then you do want that person to get into a warm bath full of good content. A sloppy profile with no highlights, pinned posts and a jumble of types of photos just isn’t attractive. Within 5 seconds, a user should know who you are, what you do and what niche you are in.

Do you have an empty bio? Then get started on this right away! Instagram gives you the option to post 4 short sentences below each other, so everyone can instantly see what you stand for. Personally, we are a fan of 4 short sentences instead of 2 long ones, as this is much clearer for page visitors.

Your Instagram profile picture also says a lot about you and the mood you give your account. Go for bold colors whenever possible so that it stands out immediately and makes the page visitor curious about the rest of the content.

Finally, it is important to also set highlights. Create these from specific vacations, or divide them into categories such as work – lifestyle – fitness – food. This way, users can quickly find the content they are looking for.

Choose high-quality photos

Want more followers on Instagram? Then make sure the quality of your photos and videos is up to par. After all, on Instagram, it doesn’t work that more posts result in more reach. Rather choose to post only the best photos than share 5 photos a week that just aren’t it.

In addition, try to post as many authentic photos as possible. These often do a lot better than illustrations made with Canva. Just like a photo that has a person in it will do better than one that only shows hands.

Do you also post-process your photos? Then make sure that as many of your photos are the same shade as possible. This way, your Instagram feed will look much more appealing and someone will be more inclined to follow you.

Interact with your followers

An important part of getting more followers on Instagram is interaction. By interaction, we mean giving and receiving likes and comments. Does anyone respond to your Instagram post? Then try to respond to this as soon as possible and give the response a heart. This way, you connect more with your followers, and they are more likely to recommend you to friends.

This works well the other way, by the way. Be sure to post a nice comment yourself under other users’ posts so that you get noticed by a new group of users.

Don’t have so many comments under your posts yet? Then try asking a question or asking for viewers’ opinions more often in the caption (the description of the post). By doing so, you provoke them to respond more quickly.

Take advantage of the new features

Where TikTok deployed short video content to go viral, Instagram could not be left behind. With the name Instagram Reels, they too made the creation and posting of short videos on Instagram possible. Try to take advantage of these kinds of new features as soon as possible, as the Instagram algorithm rewards accounts that do so very well.

Even now, it is not too late to start using Instagram Reels. This allows you to reach a whole new group of users without any effort on your part.

Handy tip from us: also use 4-6 hashtags for your Instagram Reels to reach the right audience.

Paid Opportunities

In addition to growing organically on Instagram, there are also some paid opportunities to gain more followers. We will look at two options in this blog; buying followers and Instagram ads. Of course, there are other options as well, such as collaborations with well-known influencers and sweepstakes.

Buying followers; to do or not to do

If you want to give your Instagram page a kickstart and don’t have the time or inclination to put a lot of energy into it, you can choose to buy fake followers. The advantage to fake followers is that your account immediately appears much more professional, people are more likely to follow you and you can start collaborations with companies faster.

Many users on Instagram deploy fake followers, both for personal and business accounts. So you’re really not the only one who has doubts about this. Just make sure you do it with a reliable party, such as Likes-kopen. This way you can be sure you are dealing with high quality followers that are hard to distinguish from fake.

Note, however, that there are also some risks involved in buying followers. When you buy too many fake followers at once, for example, it can get noticed by other channels and users. Or when you enter your password on an untrustworthy website (NEVER DO IT!), you can be hacked.

In addition, Instagram officially does not allow you to buy fake followers.

Instagram ads

Instagram ads are a perfect way to use to promote your brand awareness (and thus your Instagram profile). There are 4 different types of ads to choose from, each with its own price and objective.

  • Carousel ads: this consists of multiple photos side by side, which the user can scroll through. Perfect for when you want to display multiple products.
  • Photo or video ads: choose 1 photo or video to promote, you do have more text to utilize here.
  • Collection ads: make your target audience aware of what items you are selling and add a landing page.
  • Stories ads: advertise via small vertical videos or photos in between stories from other users.

Taking the average of these ad opportunities, the cost for 1,000 views is between €1.25 and €6.30. Where stories ads are the cheapest option. This price depends on the settings you choose for each ad, so what you end up paying is different for each one.

As you read, there are several options when you want to gain more followers on Instagram. Both with the paid and free options, you can grow your followers substantially and eventually even make money. Want to know more about making money through Instagram? Then check out this blog.

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