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How To Find The Best Instagram Hashtags?

Would you like to use good hashtags on Instagram, but not so sure how to find them? Then this blog is for you! In fact, hashtags are a very important part of your Instagram strategy; if you are not using them, you are missing out on a great reach. In this blog, we discuss the importance of hashtags, among other things, and show you how to find the best hashtags for Instagram.

Why are hashtags on Instagram important?

Hashtags on Instagram are invaluable these days. Not only does it ensure that your content is placed in the right category, but they are also used to get found faster. So basically, they serve as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but for social media. For this reason, hashtags offer you the chance to reach a new group of people.

Often, users search for fun content through hashtags. So when you use the right hashtags, and appear somewhere at the top of the search results, you will get noticed by users who also fall directly within your target audience. So using relevant hashtags is very important when you want to build more brand awareness and grow on the platform.

Where do you use hashtags on Instagram?

Nice, those hashtags. But where do you actually use them? There are several places you can post hashtags on Instagram to increase your reach:

  • In a normal post: use between 9 and 16 hashtags for a normal photo or video that lands on the timeline. You place these hashtags in the description or in the comments below the post.
  • In a story: did you know you can also hide hashtags in your story? By typing 16 hashtags and making them very small or hiding them behind a photo you achieve greater reach.
  • Instagram Reels: use 4 to 6 hashtags in the description of your Instagram Reels to show them to the right audience.

As you read plenty of places to do your researched hashtags justice. Just make sure you keep yourself to the number of hashtags we described above. Too many or too few hashtags can prevent you from maximizing your reach.

How do you find the best hashtags for your Instagram account?

There are several methods for researching the best hashtags for your Instagram account. We’ve listed some of the most popular methods for you, so you can see for yourself which one works best for you.

But first, there are some standard things to consider when looking for the best hashtags for Instagram:

  • The language of your target audience
  • The keywords your target audience uses
  • Always use 1 place name hashtag
  • As a small account, don’t use hashtags that are used too often
  • Also alternate hashtags with each post and make them relevant to the post
  • Always use your own original hashtag, which is not used (much) by others, so that people can easily find you

Finding hashtags through Instagram itself

The first method you can apply when looking for the best hashtags is on Instagram itself. To do this, however, you must first do some keyword research of your own. Think about what people within your target audience search for and make an organized list of it.

Then go to the search function within the app. Start with a # and then add a keyword related to your niche or target audience. Instagram will then automatically show multiple hashtags that are relevant to this hashtag and popular. You then do this in succession with different keywords from your list.

Don’t copy these indiscriminately, but make a list for yourself of some hashtags that are in the mid-range. This keeps you from being snowed under as a small account by large accounts.

Finding hashtags through competition

Another way to find a mix of the best hashtags for Instagram is to cheat at the competition. Better good copy than bad thinking! To do this, look for posts or Instagram Reels that stand out in terms of likes or views. Are there hashtags among them that are also relevant to your account? If so, be sure to write them on your list.

Of course, you are not supposed to copy and paste the exact same row. First, this will immediately stand out to others, and second, it does not mean that these hashtags are well researched. So definitely still do your own research well.

Finding hashtags using a tool

Finally, there are also many online websites that do the hashtag research for you. Many of these websites are free to use. Popular examples include:

  • Hashtagify: in addition to hashtags, this tool also shows the statistics of the past period.
  • All Hashtag: keywords and phrases are converted to appropriate hashtags.
  • Keyhole: this tool is used for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Tagblender: works the same as All Hashtag.

Although these tools are of course super easy, we do recommend that you look at Option 1 and Option 2 first. Often the hashtags within these tools are very general and you will get less reach from them as a small account. You can, of course, use it well for inspiration.

Hashtags you absolutely should not use

There are certainly also hashtags that you should absolutely avoid while posting content. These hashtags are called banned hashtags, and have been reported by users because many spam accounts have shared inappropriate content with these hashtags.

Do you share a post with a banned hashtag in it? Then your post will not be shown through the search function or on the explore page. Through these banned hashtags, Instagram is trying to thwart spam accounts as much as possible, but so this also has an impact on you.

Some banned hashtags will surprise you, such as #beautyblogger, #hotweather and #sopretty. Although there is no current list of all banned hashtags, you can simply check for yourself if your hashtag is approved. Go to search and enter the hashtag. Then comes the phrase “recent posts for #…. are hidden because certain posts may violate Instagram community guidelines.” Then you know not to use this hashtag.

The best hashtags for…

To find the best hashtags for your account, it’s important to keep testing. Using Instagram Analytics, you’ll soon see after a month which combinations work best.

Of course, it is a lot of work to type the hashtags by hand every time. Therefore, make sure you have them in your notes (in various combinations) so you can easily copy and paste them. This will save you super much time!

The best hashtags for Instagram Netherlands

Do you want to use your hashtags to make it clear that you are in the Netherlands? Then it’s best to add some hashtags to your post that point to the Netherlands. These are the most used hashtags across the Netherlands:

#netherlands #holland #amsterdam #nederland #dutch #rotterdam #thenetherlands #photooftheday #travelphotography #amsterdamcity #iamsterdam #nl #niederlande (German) #naturephotography #amsterdamcanals

As mentioned earlier in this blog, it is also important that you name a city in the hashtags. This makes it even easier for local people to find you. Especially when you run a business this is really a must!

The best hashtags for Instagram photography

Do you have a business in photography or like to showcase your work on Instagram? Then check out this handy hashtags overview of the best hashtags for Instagram photography.

#business photography #photographer #photography #portraitphotography #corporate photographer #portrait #jft #portraitphotographer #businessphotography #marriagephotographer #brandingphotography #familyphotographer #imagebank #photographer sought #onlinevisibility #portraitphotography #birthphotographer #canon #fineartphotographer #artphotographer #interiorphotographer #photo #onlinemarketing #portraitphotography #personalbranding #interiorphotography #newbornphotographer #business #entrepreneur #photographer #bridal #photographer

Include only the hashtags that apply to your photography and services. Don’t do wedding photography? Then you’d better leave this one out.

The best hashtags for beauty

There are plenty of hashtags in the beauty industry. Many of these hashtags are in the English language. Still want to focus on the Dutch market? Then use the hashtags below.

#beautyproof #makeupadvisor #reallybeauty #makeupadvice #beautyadvice #beautyadvice #beautyadvice #beauty tips #makeup tips #beautybloggernl #makeup #dutchbeautyblogger #skincare #skincareinsroutine #naturalproducts #animalproven #dutchbeautyblogger

As you can see, plenty of Dutch hashtags to choose from as well! On the other hand, it’s best to add some English hashtags in your list. In fact, many Dutch people in the beauty niche also search on English terms.

Now that you know what hashtags do for your account, where to place the hashtags on your account and what the best hashtags are you can officially get started! Be sure to do hashtag research again every six months, as the market is constantly changing. What is trendy now may be long gone in six months. We wish you much success.

Want to know more about the Instagram platform? Try our secret tools! Or then also read this blog, where we delve deeper into Instagram’s algorithm. Very useful for when you want to scale your account to the next level.

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