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How Does The Algorithm Of Instagram Work?

Although the novelty is gone these days, the Instagram platform is certainly still popular anno 2023! Since 2021, the platform grew another 11%, still earning it a coveted spot among the top 5 social media platforms. But what exactly about Instagram’s algorithm? We sought it out for you for this blog.

What is an algorithm?

You used to see every photo, video or text on social media in chronological order. But this has changed completely in recent years. On many social media platforms, they are now talking about “secret” algorithms. But what does this actually mean?

Actually, you should think of the algorithm as a kind of content filter, ensuring that posted content reaches the right users. After all, the goal of a social media platform is to keep users on the app for as long as possible. They do this by putting as much content they think you will like in front of you as possible.

When all you see is boring content, you tend to leave the app faster than when you see content that attracts you. This is exactly what social media platforms, including Instagram, use the algorithm for.

Which factors affect the algorithm depends on the platform. So the factors we discuss in this blog about Instagram’s algorithm, you cannot simply adopt for any other social media platform.

How does the algorithm on Instagram work?

Exactly how Instagram’s algorithm works, the platform does not want to reveal. This is not crazy, because if they did this, every photo or video would go viral and you would see less content that you actually find attractive. Still, there are certainly a few factors that come into play.

Instagram’s algorithm works with ranking factors. The higher your content scores in this ranking, the higher it will end up on the timeline and the greater your reach.

You can divide the current ranking factors into 3 main categories:

  • The user’s area of interest: the better your content matches your target audience’s interests, the higher it will appear on their timeline.
  • User relationship: users who have interacted with your content before will probably be interested in your new content now. Reason enough to push it extra fast with these viewers.
  • The recentness of the post: more recent (and therefore more relevant) content takes precedence over old content.

So, as you can see, it’s mostly about interacting with your posts. Actually, this is good news, because this is where you, as a content creator, have a say. Here we will go into more detail later in this blog.

Algorithm Instagram stories

In addition to general timeline posts, you also have stories on the Instagram platform. These are vertical photos or short videos that are only shared with users for 24 hours.

Instagram stories are also ranked, but instead of top to bottom, you see them from left to right. The stories that users watch and respond to the most appear at the beginning of this row, on the left.

The more users who comment and like your stories, the faster you will appear on the left side with your stories. Therefore, try to post stories regularly and entice people to respond. For example, using Q&A or this or that stickers. This is where users respond faster than if you show nothing.

An easy swipe up link also helps for story interaction. Every time a user uses this, you get a higher ranking score.

Algorithm Instagram Reels

Reels are short videos (similar to TikTok videos) with an entertaining or informative purpose, and are among Instagram’s newest features. Instagram Reels’ algorithm is very similar to that of the standard feed; your content is shown faster to users who interact with your account the most.

Want to make sure the algorithm picks up your Instagram Reels faster? So share them in your feed and then don’t just place them in a tab on your account. It also helps to share the Reel in your stories, people will click on it, which not only ensures more views on your Reel, but also improves your ranking score on your Stories.

We highly recommend using Instagram Reels. Because it is a relatively new feature, Instagram’s algorithm pushes these videos extra. In the process, these videos are more easily shared with a whole new audience.

How can you get around the algorithm on Instagram?

Thus, to make your content extra visible, you need to provide more interaction. But how do you get this right? We’ve listed some helpful tips for you that will send your interaction soaring.

Use good call-to-actions

Do you always end your texts with a factoid, never prompting your users to take action? Then you miss out on a lot of interaction. As often as possible, try to end at the end of the description under your content with a fun question. This question should not be too difficult, as you will get 0 responses, but may be a bit provocative from time to time. The idea is that your target audience will be triggered and want to respond quickly under the content.

So don’t just come up with superficial questions like; what is your favorite color? And go a little deeper into relevant topics within your niche that appeal to your target audience.

Leave your own comments as well

Does a follower or other user respond to your post? Then try to respond to this as quickly as possible (the responses of the first 15 minutes are most important). Instagram will see this as a second comment when only 1 user has commented. When doing so, try not just posting an emoticon, but actual text.

Also try to respond more often to content from other followers and users. This indirectly creates more interaction on your account. In doing so, target relevant influencers or peers in your niche as much as possible so that you appeal to the right audience.

Do make sure the comments you leave on these accounts actually add value and come across as genuine. This way, people become interested in you, and will be more likely to click on your account. Without the Instagram algorithm having done anything, you are sharing your account with hundreds of new people this way.

Post when your target audience is online

If you don’t pay attention to when you post content, your post may have sunk to the bottom of the timeline long before anyone has seen it. Super sin!

The first method to see what the best post time is is through Instagram Analytics. This shows, by means of a graph, when your followers are most online on average, and thus what is a good time for you to post.

You can also choose to do your own research. Open an Excel document and write in it the time each time you post and the number of likes after 24 hours. This way, you make sure that after 2 months you have created your own schedule.

Finally, it is also a matter of logical thinking. Are you dealing with students? Then they will surely scroll on Instagram late at night (except on weekends, when they are busy with other things). But if your target audience is young mothers, you should keep in mind that they go to bed earlier, so a late post makes less sense.

Delve into Instagram SEO

Another way to get around the algorithm on Instagram is to make content more SEO-proof (Search Engine Optimization). This way, your posts will also be found more easily without the help of Instagram’s algorithm.

  • Add 12 to 16 hashtags relevant to your target audience through keyword research.
  • Also use more keywords in your description, preferably about 3x where possible.
  • Manually add an alt text to your photo or video.

As you can see, these are not very difficult things to do when posting. So ideal to apply immediately to your next post. The only drawback is that when you use an automatic scheduler, you often cannot add alt text.

You can easily do keyword research on various websites, such as using Google Analytics. But be sure to take a look at the competitors’ hashtags as well, focusing on posts that had the most interaction and reach.

In a nutshell, you achieve great reach on Instagram if your followers interact with your content often. Want more tips on increasing your Instagram reach? Try our secret tools! Then also take a look at this blog, where we take a deeper look at the best Instagram hashtags for your account.

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