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Growing On Instagram Fast By 2024

Growing on Instagram anno 2023 is not as easy as it seems. The platform is becoming increasingly saturated, so without some knowledge or time, you are less likely to achieve your goals. High time, then, to do some more research about the platform and its algorithm.

With the tips and tricks in this blog, we’ll explain to you what’s involved in growing on Instagram and discuss the absolute don’ts. That way, after reading this blog, you can get started immediately on improving your social media strategy.

What’s involved in growing on Instagram?

To grow on Instagram involves more than posting the occasional cute picture. It requires time, the right knowledge and sometimes a small investment. We discuss these elements in more detail in the following paragraphs.


First, growing on Instagram requires time and patience. Especially when you choose organic growth, you will have to commit to long-term results. Posts on Instagram are less likely to be shared with a new audience, so you are less likely to go viral like on TikTok.

In doing so, it takes a while to figure out what works for your account. By trying different tips for some time you will find out for yourself which method you like best. This process can take up to half a year. Try to think of it this way; once the Instagram account is built and has a good strategy, you won’t lose more followers anytime soon and the growth will pick up naturally. You then have to spend less time on it. It just needs the initial push.


Without some knowledge of the Instagram algorithm, the features on the app and ways to grow your account, you’re way behind. Therefore, make sure you gain enough knowledge through our blogs, Spotify podcasts, YouTube videos or other interesting articles about Instagram. Make sure this information is still relevant, an article or video from 5 years ago is of little use.

Briefly write down for yourself the tips and tricks you want to apply yourself, so you can always look back when you have forgotten them. It is also good to spar with others about your ideas or social media strategy. Look around your network to see if anyone knows about the Instagram platform.


Although not a must, a small investment can go a long way when it comes to growing on Instagram. For example, using Instagram ads, influencers, buying some followers or likes and contests, you can achieve your goals faster.

  • Instagram ads: provide an easy way for your target audience to learn about your Instagram account.
  • Influencers: join hands with an influencer and let them promote your account or brand.
  • Buying followers or likes: the ideal way to kickstart your account, as an account with few followers and likes does not attract.
  • Contests: in exchange for a product, service or amount of money, get more people to voluntarily follow you and share your posts as much as possible. This quickly ensures a wide reach.

Do you want THE way to grow fast? Then use these above ways. This works a lot more efficiently and quickly than the organic ways. Definitely worth the small investment if you ask us.

Growing quickly on Instagram organically

Do you still choose not to work with a paid opportunity and only want organic growth? Then you can put the tips below to good use! Try them out for at least 2 months before checking to see if you are satisfied with the end result. This way, you give the Instagram algorithm a chance to take in your changes.

Hack #1 Instagram Reels

Anyone not currently posting Instagram Reels (whether on a personal or business account) is missing an extremely big opportunity. Instagram Reels are the only way to get your videos to tens of thousands (or even more) of new users without paying for them.

These short videos are very similar to TikToks and are easy to make. It’s mostly about creating informative or entertaining images that you shoot in vertical mode. By freeing up a few hours during the week, you make sure you shoot enough content in 1x that you can get ahead with for the entire month.

Some content ideas for Instagram Reels:

  • Day in the life of…
  • What I eat in a day
  • How to use the different products
  • Tips on something within your niche or field

You can also take a look at competitors for video ideas. Don’t they use Instagram Reels? Then you have an even better reason to start this right away. This creates quite a competitive advantage!

Hack #2 Number of times to post

If you only post a photo to your account once a month, then you won’t be easily included by the Instagram algorithm. Decide for yourself if you really want to get started with Instagram or if you prefer to stick to offline marketing. Because when you choose Instagram, you will really have to put more effort into it than one post a month.

On the other hand, posting new content every day doesn’t work well either. This way, the algorithm does not have enough time to process your post (because you have already posted something new) and you will not grow quickly.

The ideal number for in-feed posts is 2 to 3 per week; with one on Tuesdays and one on Thursdays anyway. Do you decide to work with Instagram Reels? Then post these on Saturday.

Hack #3 The right hashtags

Using the right hashtags in the right places will help you grow faster on Instagram. For example, do you hide hashtags in your stories? And do you add them in your Instagram Reels? Hashtags help the algorithm categorize your content, getting it to the right audience.

Primarily use hashtags that match your content, but also look at what is currently popular within your niche. By having a good mix of both small and popular hashtags, you ensure more followers and a greater reach. Do you come across hashtags with millions of users? If so, it’s best to leave this one aside. As a small account, you will not get in between these and thus will not grow faster.

Handy tip from us: we recently wrote a blog about researching the best hashtags for your account. Click here to read them.

What you absolutely must not do to grow on Instagram

Do you do everything on Instagram but just can’t seem to get it right? Often it is a combination of several things why growing on Instagram fails you. We’ll take you through the most common mistakes in the following piece.

There is no interaction

If you only post information on Instagram and are only concerned with yourself, the chances of growing are slim. Instagram is a social media platform for a reason. In addition to posting, you need to interact with your target audience. Elicit responses with your posts, ask your audience questions in the caption and also respond under others’ posts. Growing on Instagram is about much more than just posting content.

It also involves following people yourself. And no, we don’t mean in an annoying “follow for follow” way. Look up accounts that are in the same niche, people you see as role models or accounts that share useful information. In this way, you show the social side of yourself. Because let’s face it, “0 following” is not attractive on any account.

There is no personality

This is where many business accounts go wrong. They post too much advertising-like content using stock photos and videos, without giving the account some personality. Where possible, try to use more of your own content with the same people in it. This way, you give your account one (or more) face(s).

Your content is of poor quality

Instagram is a visual medium, where photos are very important. If you continuously provide poor image quality, many page visitors will quickly drop out. Now you really don’t need to buy a Canon camera worth thousands of dollars, but with handy features like a new phone and a ring lamp, you’ll instantly make your own photos a lot better.

Presets can also help you make a nice whole of your photos and thus account. You can buy these online for a small price (or sometimes even download them for free) and easily paste them over any photo.

All in all, plenty to do when you want to grow on Instagram in 2023. Try our secret tools!!! Want more tips on the Instagram platform? Then check out this blog where we go deeper into increasing your number of followers.

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