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Getting Free Instagram Followers Is How You Do It

Would you like to get more free Instagram followers? If so, we have a whole list full of handy tips you can use to get this done in a quick way. In this blog, we discuss using hashtags, good content ideas and interacting with your followers, among other things. Make sure you follow all these tips, and you’ll have more free Instagram followers in no time.

What are free Instagram followers?

In this blog, we focus only on getting free Instagram followers. This means we won’t go deeper into paid opportunities such as Instagram ads, buying fake followers or contests. Although these methods are very efficient, we understand that not everyone has the budget to do this. Hence, we set up a blog full of tips for free Instagram followers.

To get more free Instagram followers, though, you will have to put more time into Instagram. Unfortunately, there is no magic trick that will get you thousands of followers for free. Yet you will find that when the Instagram account starts to run nicely, you have less to worry about. The followers then flow in naturally.

So it’s a bit of an investment of time the first period, but in return you get an Instagram account that you can use to make money for years to come.

Getting Instagram followers through a website

When you just type in “free Instagram followers” on Google, the websites offering you free followers fly around the ears. Good to know upfront is that again, these are fake followers, so your content will not suddenly be shown to thousands more people.

Although there is nothing wrong with having some fake followers, you have to be careful which website you purchase them from. Some websites cannot be trusted and will even ask you for your password. The danger now is that you can simply be hacked. Websites that can be trusted only ask for your Instagram username and often email address.

How to recognize a website that can be trusted:

  • They don’t ask for your password;
  • there are good reviews online;
  • the website looks professional, there are few spelling mistakes in the text.

They often use the e-mail address for e-mail marketing. This way they can keep in touch with you, and the company builds their customer base. In return, they give you some free fake followers. Obviously in the hope that you will soon purchase more fake followers from this website.

Free Instagram follower tips!

There are also plenty of things you can do yourself to get more free Instagram followers. As long as you have the right information, it really doesn’t have to be difficult. Take a look at the tips below, these will help you towards quickly gaining more followers.

Make good use of trends

First, take a look at what is catching on well with other popular accounts in the same niche. Do they especially use a lot of photos, illustrations or videos? Or are they very active in the stories? See what works and adopt this for your own account.

In doing so, it is smart to always take advantage of the latest features within Instagram yourself right away. In fact, the platform rewards accounts that take advantage of this by ranking well in the Instagram algorithm. A good example is Instagram Reels, Instagram’s latest major new feature. Accounts that took immediate advantage of this saw a huge increase in their number of followers; all for free!

Consistent posting

Instagram considers it important that your account be active. By uploading consistently, they can trust that you are putting effort and time into your account. This is richly rewarded by a spot at the top of your followers’ timeline. This spot allows for more interaction with your post, so your content gets to the explore page faster (where you attract new followers).

In addition, consistent posting is also very nice for your followers. This ensures that they know when a new post comes online and are the first to know. There is no clarity on the number of times you must post to be rewarded by Instagram. They mention that consistency is more important than quantity. So rather post 3 posts a week for 8 weeks, than post every day for only 2 weeks.

Based on your content plan, see for yourself how many posts you can come up with per month, and adjust your schedule accordingly.

A nice feed

You should actually think of your Instagram account as a business card. When new page visitors take a look at your account, it should attract them enough to follow you. You do this by making your feed look beautiful.

Creating a beautiful feed does not have to be difficult. Work with a specific filter on all your photos, or with a particular color palette. This ensures that all your content comes across as uncluttered and calm. Actually, it should be recognizable without being on it.

Also, be sure to create a cover for your videos. A cover is an image that you paste in front of the video, so the style of your feed is not immediately ruined by a less-than-pretty video.

You can also extend this style to your highlights and stories for an even better whole. Check out This is a free to use website where you can find super many fronts for your highlights. This way you don’t even have to put in much effort!

Interaction is key

We cannot stress the importance of interaction on Instagram often enough. Send your followers a nice note; thank them for following or let them know you are here for them should they have questions. But also be sure to respond to followers who have taken the trouble to post a comment under your post.

This way, your current followers will create a better connection with you, and may also recommend you to their friends. This word-of-mouth advertising often results in more free Instagram followers.

You can also apply this to accounts that are not currently following you. Do you see an interesting post? Then be sure to respond to this! Your comment can lead more users to your account, where your beautiful feed does the final bit of work; getting them to hit the follow button.

To stand out in the responses of other accounts, though, it is important that your response be useful and stand out. So don’t just respond with an emoticon or a 3-word sentence. Try adding to the information in the post itself, or thank the creator for the informative content!

Make good use of Instagram Analytics

When we heard that super many accounts are not yet using Instagram Analytics, we were shocked! In fact, this tool is free to use, and gives you a huge amount of valuable information that you can turn into more free Instagram followers.

First, the tool shows very clearly which content works best for your target audience. This will allow you to create more of the same content, and you’ll know what kind of content is best left out from now on. They also display useful demographic information, such as age, male/female ratio and country of origin. In turn, you can use this information when creating your new content.

Finally, on Instagram Analytics, you will also see a handy overview of times when your followers are active. By posting your content at these times, you are more likely to have more users like your post and it will appear higher on other followers’ timelines. Ideal for more reach, and thus a greater chance of more free Instagram followers.

Want to know more about the best time to post on Instagram? Then also read this blog!

Get smart about hashtags

The last tip we give you to get more free Instagram followers is about hashtags. In fact, hashtags play an extremely large role on the platform, as users use them to search for content. Are they interested in make up hacks? Then they look up the latest trends, for example, by using #makeuptrend2023.

This is something you can respond to smartly as an account manager by doing hashtag research and then using these hashtags under posts. But not only can you deploy them under posts, it’s also smart to hide them in stories and place them with Instagram Reels.

The better and more accurate your hashtag research is, the more easily you will reach your target audience. You can find the best hashtags for your account through websites, competitors or keyword research.

It is ideal to place between 12 and 16 hashtags under a post, between 16 and 20 hidden in a story and 3 to 5 hashtags pieces to use with Instagram Reels.

All in all, plenty of tips to get started with your Instagram account! Want to read more useful blogs about the Instagram platform? Then check out this blog, where we take a deeper look at how to get more likes.

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