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Order now and receive 20-6600 Star Points (VIP members get more)
Order now and receive 20-6600 Star Points (VIP members get more)
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Buying Facebook likes for your page

Buying Facebook likes has become almost the most normal thing in the world. Possibly you didn’t even know that you can just buy likes for your page, but it really can be done. We will safely provide you with any number of likes so that your page gets more body. People find the number of likes very important, and when they see more likes, it makes them feel confident.

If your fan page, community page, or business page has very few likes on its counter, potential customers might choose a competitor that has more thumbs up on its counter. You don’t want that, of course, and you can easily do something about that now. Buying Likes is the solution to this!

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What can you buy from us

With us you can buy Facebook likes, and that means we make sure that people will press the like button on your page. That way, the counter goes up nicely and your page looks a lot more attractive. The people we make like your page are International and that means they are not from the Netherlands, but from other countries.


Can other people see who likes my page?

When someone likes your post or message on Facebook, you can see who it is and their name. With page likes, you can ‘t see that. That means the people who like your page are anonymous to the outside world. So no one can see that you have International likes, or bought them. They only see the number displayed on the counter.


How do we get the likes

We get people to hit the like button and pay them to do so. People outside the Netherlands want to do this at low cost, and so we can offer real Facebook likes at a low price. We can obviously get Dutch people to press the like button, but Dutch people want more in return and that makes it a lot more expensive. The NL likes are quickly 5x more expensive and no one sees the difference. In addition, the delivery time and waiting time is also a lot longer.


What is the difference between company page and private page (profile)

A business page, community, or fan page has a likes counter. We refer to these as business pages for convenience. In addition to business pages, you also have a private page with friends. This is a personal profile and slightly different from the business page. Messages are displayed on both the private and business pages. These can, of course, be liked in either case. If you want likes for that, check out our FB posts likes.


Delivery time and information

  • Origin: worldwide (almost never Europe)
  • Profile quality score: 8.6
  • Delivery time is within 24 hours in 70% of cases
  • 100% safe for your account
  • 100% delivery guarantee
  • No one sees who likes your page
  • Best value for money in the Benelux.


Pause running campaigns for a while

NOTE: Please pause any ongoing campaign and wait to invite friends until our likes are delivered.
NOTE: Make sure your Facebook page is public or the order cannot start. If you have no age restrictions or country restrictions set, this is normally just fine.


Save for discounts

Everyone wants a discount, and we have come up with something fun for that. When you create an account with us, you get points with every purchase. You can redeem these points for discounts during checkout. So when you create you get points, when you buy products you get points, and when you leave a review (product review), you also get points! So by buying more often, you can accumulate a lot of points that can also get you free Facebook likes. You can create an account in 2 ways, in advance using this link, or during checkout.

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