Using Facebook for business

facebook business useMany businesses have a Facebook page, but using Facebook for business is an art in itself. Getting it wrong will do your business more harm than good. Here are some tips to make your business page a success.

The right page

Make sure you create a business profile. This looks professional and people may also become fans of your page. Indicate what type of business your company is and fill in important company information, such as contact information and the URL of your website. Also, make sure the images you upload are of good quality and consistent with your corporate identity. Often a company’s logo is chosen as the profile picture. If necessary, give colleagues administrator rights so they can also make changes to the Facebook page.


Interesting content

facebook post businessMany companies forget that what is interesting to the company is by no means always interesting to the fans. Give fans a reason to want to follow your page by posting content that is engaging to them. Also, be sure not to post too many posts that are very focused on sales and promotion. People like content that is funny or useful. This also invites you to like and share posts. Post something new at least once a week.


Interact with fans

Followers of your page will appreciate it when you respond to what they have to say. For example, if they leave a comment on your post, show that you appreciate it. Also, make sure you always respond quickly to complaints and questions. Facebook these days is a way for many people to engage with a business and if you don’t respond or respond incorrectly, it can cause many negative reactions. Let it be known that you are going to work on it. In the case of a complaint on your timeline, try to move the conversation to private chat.


Make the page findable by Google

In principle, a new Facebook page will automatically be public. This ensures that the page can be indexed by search engines, which in turn means you will be found in Google. Check your findability by Googling yourself. If you can’t be found, you can check your Page Visibility in your Facebook account and adjust it if necessary.


Buying likes and campaigning

facebook likesTo make a business page look even better, while increasing your network, you can buy Facebook likes or start a Facebook campaign. The advantage of buying likes is that you know in advance what you will get and what you will pay. With a campaign, you don’t know what your budget is going to produce.

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