Promoting Facebook Event

Do you have a Facebook Event running and want more people interested or coming? We can help with that! In fact, you can promote your Facebook Event and make it more attractive! Continue reading below…

facebook event-promoting

Where to order

In the Facebook menu, find“Event Promotion. When you click on this you will be presented with 2 options. Here you can choose from Event GAAN and Event Interested. If you want more people to come, choose the go option. If you want more people showing interest, click interested.

Why interest or go buy?

The usefulness of a Facebook event speaks for itself. The premise for many is to sell more tickets, and that works more easily when a lot of people are already going. After all, you don’t want to end up at a party that few people attend. Plus, your events come across a lot more appealing when a lot of people respond. With us, you can buy both “go” and “interested.



The more people need to come, or be interested, the lower the prices become. Here, unfortunately, we cannot quote prices because they are not always the same. In fact, we always try to have the best prices so that you don’t pay too much.



Our FB event service is lightning fast. Within a few hours you will already see the result of your order, provided you order during business hours. If you order out there, it may take a little longer. This is because your order is checked and fulfilled manually.


Order Notes

During checkout, you can enter another order note. Here you can specify specific requirements such as: spread out over an entire day if possible. We try to fulfill the specified wishes to the best of our ability.

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