More Facebook Followers With Helpful Tips!

More Facebook followers

When you create a Facebook business page, you obviously do so for a specific reason. For many business owners, this reason is to create greater online visibility, turning followers into customers. Does this sound recognizable to your business, but don’t know how to get more followers on Facebook? Then be sure to read this blog where we give you helpful tips.

Starting a facebook business page

Using a personal Facebook profile for business information can cause problems these days. Facebook is removing personal profiles used as business pages for violating community rules. High time then (if you haven’t already) to get started with a Facebook business page.

Some benefits of a Facebook business page:

  • Facebook insights give you extremely valuable information about your target audience.
  • You have no limit of only 5000 friends
  • A business page looks professional and trustworthy
  • You get access to all the advertising opportunities
  • You have the ability to add multiple page administrators and distribute roles. This means you don’t have to give just anyone your password to grant access to the page.

As you read, there are plenty of advantages of a Facebook business page compared to a personal profile. Creating a Facebook business page is very simple, all you need for this is a personal profile. Within minutes, you can create a beautiful and professional page where customers can go to easily view company information, reviews and photos.

What is the difference between likes and followers on Facebook?

Currently, page visitors have the option of liking or following your business page on Facebook. This sounds a bit confusing, because what does what mean? We looked into it for you.

When someone gives your business page a like, that person is automatically notified via their notifications about all updates and shows their support for your page. This is then even indicated on the person’s personal profile. Is anyone not waiting for this? Then you can choose to follow only the company page. In this, you see updates from the company appear in your news feed, but don’t share it anywhere else.

So you may find yourself following a page but not liking it. And just as much the other way around, that you share with others that you support the company, but don’t follow it because the commercial posts on your newsfeed drive you crazy.

Getting more followers on Facebook

Growing on a platform like Facebook is still possible, but it definitely involves some patience. The 6 tips below will help you gain more followers on Facebook and grow in your engagement (involvement).

Use the 80/20 rule

When it comes to content, no person likes to see only commercials. You need to give people a reason to follow your business page. We recommend that you work with the 80/20 rule. This rule means that you focus 80% of your content on marketing material and 20% fun. The crazier the photo (within company lines) the more views it gets. In doing so, dare to go just a step further than the competition and take inspiration from other pages.

Maybe something you have to put yourself over at first, that posting fun content, but it really works! Hang a fun factor on your business page, and the likes, followers and comments will naturally grow a lot.

Do you ever share company-related posts on your personal account? Then you are well on your way! Sharing company posts can increase followers on Facebook. Again, use the 80/20 rule for this, but apply it just the other way around. Post 80% fun content and 20% business-related stuff. After all, many people are not waiting for these posts. Using the 80/20 rule, people don’t get nasty feelings about the brand, but they do slowly become curious about the page.

Show who you are as a human being

Dare to show your face on Facebook! People don’t say “people buy from people” for nothing. Create informative videos where a viewer gets to know the personnel behind the company better and shows behind-the-scenes peeks. This ensures that your business has a human aspect.

These videos really don’t have to be perfect and frenetic. In fact, the more mistakes or jokes that are made, the more natural the video comes across. Of course, this does not mean that the videos should become unprofessional. We quite understand that the videos of an accounting firm must be more serious than those of a hair salon. Try to find the right balance for your business here.

Create engagement

To get more followers on Facebook, you should try to get the engagement on your page up as much as possible. This makes your content more likely to be shown to third parties, something you obviously like as a business page.

Some ways to encourage engagement among posts:

  • Ask a question at the end of the video or in the text
  • Use a poll, or a question sticker in your story
  • Tag partners or companies you work with in posts

Also be sure to keep an eye on the Facebook statistics. When you notice that certain posts have higher engagement than others, it is smart to build on this. That’s how you make content better and better and engagement higher and higher.

Like & win actions

Surely one of the most common ways to get more followers on a Facebook business page is the like (or in this case follow) & win promotions. Everyone has seen this one pass by on his or her personal timeline. As a business, you give away a product, amount of money or service to someone of your followers. All you have to do for this as a participant is to follow the page, like the post and tag one of your friends.

People love winning contests and will respond en masse under your post. Not only does this get you more followers, but by having participants tag a friend you also get more brand awareness on the platform. Create an eye-catching post (with photo or video) for the win and include the terms and end date. When the end date has passed, you can pick a winner from the comments and mention in the post (using the edit option) that the contest is closed.

Facebook offers

Having a Facebook business page also gives you instant access to Facebook offers. Currently, these are rarely used, but by no means let this deter you. In fact, Facebook offers can certainly get you more followers on Facebook quickly.

With Facebook offers, for example, you can offer a discount to your followers on Facebook. When followers take up this offer, their friends will also see it on their timeline. This grows both the interaction on your page, and your reach.

Buy more Followers through Likes-buying

Despite the above tips, are you just not succeeding in getting more followers on Facebook and want to boost your business page? Then you can also choose to buy followers for the channel. Just be careful where you do this, many websites work with bad fake followers that get noticed quickly. Likes-buying only works with high-quality followers that are hard to distinguish from fake ones, making your business page rank high in the Facebook algorithm faster and the page easier to find.

Content ideas for Facebook business page

With a high number of business pages on Facebook, not every post you make gets the exposure and engagement it deserves. To do this, you need to stand out with your content, but that’s pretty hard when you don’t have inspiration. Take a look at the following content ideas for Facebook, who knows, maybe it will inspire you to get started on a new idea.

  • Post a poll: these are easy to create and provide high engagement.
  • Get started with a slideshow: these are being pushed more by Facebook.
  • Use humor: try to make your target audience laugh and capitalize on trends.
  • Address events within your field: discuss news within your industry.
  • Tutorials: show people how best to use your products.
  • Tips and tricks: teach people something about a topic within your field.
  • Choices: show 2 products and ask which one viewers like/love better.
  • Day at the office: shows what keeps a staff member busy on a daily basis.
  • Collaborations: are you partnering with a new partner? Then be sure to share this.

With the right content, patience and creativity, you will see that it is definitely possible to get more followers on Facebook. Do you also want to know how to receive more likes? Then check out this blog where we discuss helpful tips on this and get inspired.

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