Making Facebook event successful

Making Facebook event successful

A Facebook event is a page you can create when you are going to host an event. Once you create this page, people can click “present” or “interested.” That way, you will get a clear idea of approximately how many people will attend.

To make your event successful, you need to undertake a number of things. Creating the Facebook event page is step one, but there are many more steps after that if you want the event to succeed.

In this article, we are going to explain how to make your Facebook event a success.


Step 1: Create Facebook eventFacebook event

As we just told you, you need to create a page. While creating this page, it is important not to forget the basic info. Think about the times, what time does the meeting start and what time does it end? The location is also very important, people look first at the venue, where is it taking place? Who will perform or what famous people will attend? All this information is of great importance. So make sure you fill in the basic info from the beginning.


Step 2: Provide images or videos

Once you’ve gathered all the info together, it’s time to post some images and possibly videos. An image or video can give a better idea of what the event will look like. What many festivals also do is create a timetable, this is a list of all the artists coming to perform and at what times.
Make the pictures as attractive as possible so it looks very cozy! It is recommended that you post something new weekly until the event begins.


Step 3: Invite people invitation facebook

Once you’ve filled the page well with all kinds of info and pretty images, it’s time to start inviting people! This means sending an online invitation. People are notified of the invitation and then have the choice to click on “present” , “interested” or “not interested.”
The more people who click on present or interested the more popular your event seems.
When someone sees that many people are present at an fb event, they are more likely to click “present” as well. This is because the event seems to be becoming successful!


Step 4: Create a win promotionwinning ticket

Once you notice that a lot of people are going to come to the event, you can organize a win promotion. People always like it when they can win something, plus you create more awareness thanks to the win! For example, consider giving away a free bottle. Bottles are expensive so people are happy when they can win something like this!


Step 5: Get your Facebook event promoted

Nowadays there are a lot of organizations looking for different people to promote the event for them for a fee.
They often look for people with a large reach on Facebook or Instagram, think more than 1,000 followers. Such people can very easily start promoting your event!
It is also smart to publicize the event on Facebook as well! The more social media channels you use the more exposure you will get.


Have you tried all these steps and just can’t seem to get your event to be successful? Then take a look at an online webshop, as there are online webshops that can make your “interest” and “present” counter go up in no time! In addition, you can also easily buy Facebook likes.

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