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How to promote a Facebook video?

Facebook is one of the most diverse social media channels. As such, it is not comparable to Twitter – where one can say a message in 140 characters – or to Instagram – where one can only use photos or videos. No, Facebook is very diverse. Facebook users can post photos, post videos, give likes, post comments, post text messages, tag people, make purchases, leave reviews, poke and more.


Many innovations at Facebook

advertise facebookRecently, Facebook has been innovating. Among other things, this manifests itself in multiple advertising opportunities for businesses. Businesses can now buy ads, allowing the ads to be shown to users from the chosen target audience. Those ads can be in the form of a photo or text. But, lately, more and more ads are also being launched in the form of a video. It is quite possible through Facebook anyway to promote a Facebook video!



If a company has created a video, obviously the goal is for as many people as possible to see it. This can be done initially by posting the video on the company’s Facebook account. As a result, the people who have liked the account can already see the video. But, that is not enough in most cases.

A company may choose to start using the video as an advertisement. Setting up an ad has become very simple. It is possible to select the desired target audience on Facebook. This allows filtering by region, gender, age and interests, among others. Also, a maximum daily budget can be set. This has made it easy to properly budget for advertising expenses.

When setting up the ad, Facebook also directly indicates how many people will be reached with the ad. By the way, Facebook does not allow you to make money from a video, as it does on YouTube. Therefore, it is always advisable to post the video on YouTube as well. In the end, achieving success is often a matter of combining different social media!


Boosting your Facebook video

Of course, you want your video to get lots and lots of views. The number of views partly shows the popularity of the video and the channel. Ordering video views is also possible with us! We provide you with lightning-fast views that also make your video better found in search results. That’s how you attract attention to your channel, and that can translate into more customers. Who wouldn’t want that?

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