how on facebook to delete something

Deleting on Facebook, from tag to post

How to delete a tag, friend, post, or photo on Facebook? We give you the answer!

Removing a tag, friend, photo, or post on Facebook is not easy for everyone. Since you don’t do this every day, it’s always a bit of a search. From the drop-down menu below, you can easily follow the steps to remove what you want to get rid of from Facebook.

Click the plus to unfold the item.

Delete tag on Facebook

Are you often bothered by people tagging you in anything and everything? Have you been tagged in a photo and want to get rid of this tag as soon as possible? This is perfectly possible.
Below we will give a brief explanation on how to remove a tag.

Step 1

If you are logged into your Facebook account then go to the photo/status you would like the tag removed from.

Step 2

For photo: at the bottom of your photo you will see “options.” You click on that.
For status: in the upper right corner are 3 circles. You click on that.

Step 3

You now have a menu with all sorts of options. One is “tag delete.” Once you click that, another confirmation is asked if you are sure you want to delete the tag. If you click “ok” then your tag has been removed and your photo/status will no longer be visible in your overview.

how to remove tag on facebook

This is how to delete a Facebook post from someone else

If you have posted a message yourself, you can easily delete it back. But if another person has posted a message and you want his/her message deleted, that is not possible directly. What you can do is “hide” or “mark” the fb message as spam.
Here’s how to do it:


Hide the Facebook post on your timeline

If you look at the message you will see 3 dots standing in the upper right corner. Click here. Then select “hide” from the menu. If you have done that then the message is hidden and you cannot see it.


Deleting your own post

To delete a post that you yourself posted once is a lot easier.

So once you’ve posted something you regret, you can easily take it down again. You do this as follows:

  • go to the message you want removed
  • at the message you see in the upper right corner 3 bullets, click on them
  • then you will see a menu, there click on “delete”

Now it has been removed and you won’t find it again.

delete facebook message

Here's how to remove someone from your Facebook friends list

By now, do you have a lot of friends on Facebook and would like to clean up your friend list? Or have you gotten into an argument with someone and no longer want them on your Facebook? Then you can easily “unfriend” that person. How to do this? You can read about that below!

Step 1

Make sure you are your own profile page.

Step 2

In the menu bar you will see “friends” listed. You click on that.

menu bar friends facebook


Step 3

In the upper right corner, there is a magnifying glass with a text bar next to it.
In that text bar, type the name of the person you want to delete.

friends search facebook


Step 4

You will now see that person’s profile picture, name and number of friends. On the right side there is a “friends” button. You click on that.

Delete photo on Facebook

Have you uploaded a photo that you actually regret? And would you like to remove them from your Facebook as soon as possible? You can, deleting your own fb photo is not that difficult.

Has anyone else posted photos of you that you are not satisfied with? You can also delete these but this will be a little more difficult. Read below on how to get this done.


Step 1:

Log in to your Facebook account and go to your gallery.

facebook photo gallery


Step 2:

Click on the photo you would like deleted and then click on “options.”


Step 3:

Choose the “report photo” or “delete photo” option.

delete facebook photo

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