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Creating Facebook posts, how do you do it?

Everyone has a Facebook account these days. At first, Facebook was mainly used by young people but older people’s registrations on Facebook are increasing significantly. Young people often teach their grandparents how to use Facebook.

In this article, we are going to explain how to create a Facebook post.


2 different types of messages (status and photo)

There are 2 different facebook posts you can create and post on your facebook profile.
A status or a photo. A status is a piece of text you would like to share with others, and a photo is an image you can upload, these are then posted on your timeline and in the news feed. This means that all your Facebook friends can see your posts and possibly like, share or leave a comment.

privacy facebook post



Can everyone see my message?

This need not be the case. In fact, you can set who all may see your message.

You can make your facebook posts public or semi-public.

Above your status or photo you will see the date and time. Next to the time is an icon, click on it. Then you will see the options, here you can set privacy.



How do I post on facebook?

Creating Facebook posts is pretty easy. To get started, go to your profile page or news feed. Both options are possible. When you get there you will see the image below.

create facebook post






At “what are you doing?” you have the option to write something. For example, when you have a new product in your salon, you can notify customers or friends or family members.

To upload a photo or video, click on “photo/video”. Then you will be given the option to select an image from your gallery and then upload it to Facebook.



What should I pay attention to?

Facebook posts are done with the right content. Especially when you have a business page, it is imperative to post good content. Good content can provide more page likes and potential customers. This, in turn, can increase your sales.
As soon as you post a message with no value, people will unfriend you or un-like the page.

Did you know:

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We hope to have informed you sufficiently with this and that it is now clear how to create facebook posts.

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