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What do you get with Customer First: SEO & Conversion?

  • Conversion & SEO optimization for 7 product pages:
    • Marva tea (value: €200)
    • Kowroe dresie tea (value: €200)
    • Cat mustache tea (value: €200)
    • Take tea (value: €200)
    • Guava tea (value: €200)
    • Papaya tea (value: €200)
    • Sopropo tea (value: €200)
  • Complete new review system (value: €550)
  • Cart abandoned email flow series and system (value: €500)
  • Sales triggers on all product pages (value: €450)
  • Revamped categories hierarchy products for improved shop experience (value: €350)
  • Category pages with text for brands for increased traffic and improved shopping experience (value: €600)

Total value comes out to: €3,850, – ex VAT


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    • 100 Dutch backlinks every month
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A love story

This package is not just an improvement to your webshop. The conclusion that every entrepreneur must come to is that you need something new. Especially when you are in a market that has been around for millennia. New, because you want your customers to feel that they can get something new from you. Something that has been around for millennia, because selling is as old as mankind.


Therefore, it is our opinion that for every new project, we should not just start working to improve your webshop. We need to come up with a new strategy. We throw away the old things that no longer work (cheap sales tricks). And we put something new in its place. What that news is you are about to read explain.


See. When we started optimizing our own website, we tried all kinds of things. Fake backlinks, over-optimizing web pages for keywords, writing endless blogs and all the other dark web stuff. These things may have worked in the short term…. In the long run, they are disastrous. Fortunately, we discovered in time a whole new way of approaching it. Something few people in the online sphere understand. Why? Because they are too focused on money.


Hence, we came up with a new concept: customer experience first. What does that mean? You must have heard that you have to put customers #1. That’s not what we mean. Of course you have to put your customers #1. However, there is something much more important. And that is putting the customer experience at No. 1. That means that instead of putting the customer at No. 1, which is often going to lead to way too much work, you focus on the customer experience and make it the best it can be.


When Jeff Bezos, in
a rare interview
said, “we put the customer experience frist” everyone declared him crazy and basically no one understood. Now 20 years later, Amazon is the largest online retail company in the world. So apparently it works?


When I saw that interview, I understood. The customer experience is what I need to focus on. And that’s what we did from then on. With success. Because in one year, our sales grew by a multiple of 10!

Specifically, what does that look like?

When you work with us, we can achieve results just like these. Customer experience can be broken down and measured into the following pillars:

  1. Conversion
  2. Order Value
  3. Repeat purchases
  4. Traffic
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1. Conversion

This is what we will primarily focus on initially. Conversion means we want to increase the conversion rate of your store in general. Practically speaking, that means we:

  • Add sales triggers on each product page (see an example of the triggers at: https:
  • Making the following pages conversion-oriented & SEO friendly:
    • Marva Tea (partially already optimized, still need to add additional relevant text)
    • Kowroe Dresie Tea (new)
    • Cat Mustache Tea (new)
    • Neem Tea (new)
    • Guava Tea (partially already optimized, still need to add additional relevant text)
    • Papaya Tea (new)
    • Sopropo Tea (partially already optimized, still need to add additional relevant text)
  • Add abandoned cart email series. Lots of customers leave your shopping cart without paying. We retrieve these customers by sending them an email reminding them that their cart is still open. On average, 30% of customers who abandoned their cart return to our emails.
  • We’re going to revamp the hierarchy of your product categories. Which will make this clearer and make it easier for customers to shop. An added benefit is that you are going to get more pages on your web shop which in turn will generate more traffic.

2. Order value (AOV).

The goal here is to increase the average order value of your customers. There won’t be a lot of focus on this yet, though this is something we can look at later. For example, you yourself mentioned in our conversation that when you have a pallet discount promotion, that people order multiple quantities of the same product. We could do this in a similar way later by mutual agreement. For example: order 9 bags of tea and get the 10th free.

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3. Repeat purchases

It is easier to sell new products to existing customers, than to new customers. Plus, the cost is much lower. To accomplish this we ensure that we:

  • Implement a completely new review system, where you will ask your customers (automatically) if they want to write a review for your webshop. We will encourage customers with such things as a coupon to get them to post a review. This motivates customers to make new purchases. And another benefit is that with lots of relevant reviews, you’re also going to score higher on conversion for new customers.

4. Traffic


The last pillar is traffic. This one is no less important. And this one only really comes into its own when all the first three pillars are renewed first. Hence, we do this one last.

  • We are going to create new category pages for the brands at the bottom of your home page with text. This creates additional (SEO) pages which in turn leads to additional traffic.

As a final component of traffic, I suggest a continued focus on Link Building so that you get a steady supply of new links to your website. These new links are important as a voice for your website to rank higher in search results.

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Link Building For Long-Term Success!

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